Extensive commercial deployment experience brings a deep understanding of the technology as well as the human factors and operational requirements of traditional television and streaming video. Relationships with key industry stakeholders and a history of success working with content providers, technology vendors, service providers, and business teams ensures efficient project collaboration.


• Consumer Focused Solutions
• SEO-like content discovery analysis
• Performance Metrics
• Feasibility Studies & Prototyping

Content Discovery Strategy

Content marketing requires a finely tuned understanding of consumer demand balanced by a pragmatic approach to platform capabilities.  What signals are driving content navigation?  What economic, cultural and technology trends are in play?  What existing solutions can be brought to bear and where are there gaps? How can metadata be optimized in an operationally efficient manner? These questions are at the heart of any successful strategy.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication — Leonardo da Vinci


• Governance
• Enrichment
• Analytics
• Automated Validation

Data Quality as a Service

Metadata is a critical link in the digital supply chain that brings consumers the content they crave.  iBox developed an innovative validation pipeline built specifically for video metadata that is offered as Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS).  Our DQaaS solution comes with plug-ins for standard metadata sources like Gracenote as well as custom plug-ins to integrate with any video metadata feed.

Configurable test suites validate linear schedules and VOD metadata to generate detailed error reports with configurable priority levels.  Fuzzy logic and a business rules engine recognize common data cleanup issues to prioritize the highest impact issues.

Metadata quality experts are available to process reports, root cause errors and work with data entry teams and 3rd party partners to correct errors.


• Stepwise Integration
• Test Automation
• Root Cause Analysis

System Integration

If not carefully designed, large system integrations can degrade into chaos, resulting in lengthy delays during the most critical phase of the project. Effective integration testing requires broad knowledge of the end-to-end workflow and a repeatable, stepwise approach that spans the entire product lifecycle.

Years of real-world experience allows iBox Systems to anticipate problems and design integration models that shorten customer feedback loops, improve quality and engage the right resources at the right time.